Yesterday you said tomorrowI was shocked – I really had forgotten all about what my psychiatrist had set me to do! I thought I was doing so well but had moved my focus onto working with my therapist.

Visual processing means that if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

But equally, if it is IN sight (and there is a great deal in sight as on my admin desk at the current time) then it is ALL in my mind and it is overwhelming.

Feeling that the pile of papers I see is a mountain that cannot be climbed, I shuffle round it’s edges, tidying the mountain a little, but not actually making an attempt at ascending it.

Knowing that I am pretty good at many things can be forgotten when the shock of knowing I have forgotten something important comes flooding over me. Horror paralyses me: I have failed to do something I had agreed to do…

I have long since learned to tell the nasty gremlin voices to shut up. I know I am not a useless worthless person.

I have put something away that needed to be left in sight.

I have left out things that needed to be put out of sight.

ISTMIM: In Sight Too Much In Mind.

Wisdom – which is which?