Decoding the symptoms of your IBS

Excellent piece – the connection between physical symptoms and emotional triggers are well explained. The second to last paragraph on “secondary gain” particularly revealing. Unconsciously demanding what we dare not or cannot speak out or ask.

The Sensitive Gut

enigma-plugboardOne of the first lessons people learn when they attend self help groups for IBS is that everybody’s symptoms are different.  Some people have diarrhoea and abdominal pain that starts early in the morning and doesn’t let up until they are at work, others suffer with bloating later in the day,  others are constipated whenever they go away anywhere.  And it’s not just the bowel symptoms that vary, people diagnosed with IBS often have a variety of other symptoms. Backache, fatigue,  headaches, breathlessness, indigestion are some of the most common, but any bodily symptom can co-exist with IBS.  Whether the illness is diagnosed as IBS or ME or Fibromyalgia or any other syndrome depends on which symptoms might predominate and which doctor they see, but whatever the diagnosis, the symptoms of these overlapping conditions vary so much that they might be regarded as an individual expression of who you are…

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