Perfection –  because of shame? 

Following on from my article “Price of Perfection” posted recently..  A friend of mine, a past client,  mentioned that a tendency towards perfectionism can come from shame. She and I both know that one! She recommended this TED talk from Brene Brown.  I had seen it before and found it really helpful.  Always worth another look when you have had problems in the past – they can try and sneak up on you again! 

Have a look: 

Price of Perfection

The Price of Perfection

I wrote this article from my own struggles with trying to be perfect – so I wouldn’t get caught out making any mistakes with ensuing pain and disgrace!

It was published by Woman Alive magazine in their May 2001 edition. It is reprinted by permission of Woman Alive.

I hope anyone reading this will find it useful.  Please click on the title and the article will be shown…

Best wishes for being who you are!