TIA – This is Africa!  Well, it’s a great hotel Northern Zanzibar… Hardly roughing it ;)  But It Is Here That ‘The Sea Swallows The Sun’

Arriving here is so familiar. The bustle of the airport, the porters asking for contributions for their efforts helping you with baggage (didnt need help – so sorry)… the colours of robes, hijabis, T-shirts, then… the roads.

I remembered the sensation of being jostled around in the taxi van, the open windows for AC, the sensation of being a very white person in an African country. I don’t tan very quickly or very much at all. Mzungu is a correct termm for me! (white person). Not so much Brian. He does tan quickly but looks very English!

Down to the beach. Grandson is a little fish! He plays football on the beach with the ‘big boys’ – at six years old. our daughter’s partner was more exhausted than the little chap ;).

We saw the sun go down on the sea. Dhows drifting across the sunset invite you to take photographs. We had champagne as we watched the ‘sea swallow the sun’…

As we drove back the smells of woodsmoke drifted into the car, then the Kerosene lamps blew their special aroma our way as well as their warm light…

Back to our delightful hotel for a Mojito and dinner… a warm breeze drifts across my ipad.

“Can we go and have dinner now”. he whined. No, it wasn’t the grandson… it was my husband.

Okay.. see you all tomorrow.

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