I have many interests to indulge myself in now I have retired.  I enjoy reading, for a variety of reasons – pleasure, therapy, distraction, understanding; Collecting series of books – Outlander novels, Georgette Heyer Regency/Georgian novels, Jean Auel’s Children of the Earth series, Bernard Cornwall Richard Sharpe and Uhtred series, Sergeanne Golon Angelique novels, JoJo Moyes, Katie Fforde romances, anything by C.S. Lewis.

TV and film watching with an interest in actors, casting, production and script.

Writing as a therapy (I have around 37 years of personal journals). Collecting art works – especially pictures of women in quiet meditative poses (channeling my idea me) and sea and mountains scapes.

I enjoy checking out social media and have made many friends I haven’t met yet IRL. I play the piano a little and would like to get back into painting in oils.

Until the coronavirus lockdown, I travelled as often as I could with my husband to places of interest and for a winter sun break.  We have an ‘interesting’ and large family and are thankful for the various video platforms to keep in touch at this time.

Post Lockdowns, March 2022, we are back travelling again and managed a trip to Lanzarotte in January. The winter sun was glorious.  Although the country is back open again, the Covid virus is still around so we remain cautious.

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