Analysis Paralysis under the duvet

My duvet – the one I was under..

Packing…errands…sorting… exercise… healthy eating choices…

communications… personal development… professional work…

Aarrgghhhh! Back under the duvet…




I began to think, “I can’t stay here all day!”   So I Googled how I felt (as you do)… Came up with this blog by Becky Kane:

The Science of Analysis Paralysis: How Overthinking Kills Your Productivity & What You Can Do About It

A good read,  well placed resarch to back up the article, great visuals, and…

Practical suggestions of how to overcome the problem.  Excellent!

One that really helps me is this tip:

“The next time you catch yourself thinking over a particularly issue again and again, schedule a meeting with a coworker, supervisor, mentor, or friend.”

Sometime if I am on my own, and paralysed by ‘all this to do’ I will write to myself.  Writing to God is even more helpful. Did  you know He likes conversations as well as prayers?  Well, He does.

My husband, Brian, is a master of thinking simply – no he’s not ‘simple’!  He is able to clarify what needs to be done and then does it.  I am the more creative thinker and communicator but can be stymied by overthinking.  If he is around, then I can present my ‘all this to do’ frantic thinking and obtain his simplicity of thought.

Blog writing is good for people like me.  So much going on in my brain how to start an article, that book, that project…  Never get round to it.  But a blog? I can take the Nike approach:  just do it!

Another of Kate’s tips:

Structure your day for the things that matter most.

Hmm… Ah!  Get up and get going!

Just about to get out from under the duvet…

Have a good day everyone!







Stop The Clocks. A great read…

image   Joan Bakewell has turned 80 years old.  Her book has given me inspiration for my upcoming ‘Autumn’ years.

Joan – a Baroness – is a regular at Hay On Wye Festival of Literature and I was glad to see her appearing again at more than one event this year.

I recommend her book to anyone who enjoys a good read – a really well written good read. Joan’s education and training led her to a freelance career, picking up as many opportunities as possible.  Her list of people she has met is extensive and awesome.  She was the first to be granted an interview with Nelson Mandela on his release from prison… Need I say more?  Joan covers topics such as love, work, names, shame, bodies, values and also on death.

Joan is a little younger than my mother who at 88 still enjoys tea dancing when she can.  Their education, careers and life experiences are very different however.  I come as the next generation and was able in my mid forties to catch up on an education I had to let go at 15.

Shall I write some thoughts on what I leave behind?  I may need to stop my clock to catch up with Joan’s lifetime accomplishments!