Majestic wonder


Photograph Vancouver sunset taken by Rob Newey February 2014.

Seeing this scene filled me with awe at the majesty of nature, but also the technical skill that Rob employed in composing and taking this shot. He is a skilled and talented musician and song writer who also has this creative talent.

The shot is artistically beautiful and well composed with a clarity in the photograph difficult to attain. The colour combinations and the texture of the trees and mountains, the movement in the sky was thrilling. Just to meditate and stop to gaze at this picture took me out of myself and my little world of doings and endless ‘stuff’.

On another level, Vancouver was a special place for me as it was where my long lost half brother had grown up. We met when he was 33 and I was 44. I went to visit with him in this country that my mother and I weren’t taken to by my father when he emigrated. Years ago of course…. I was three when he left.

Crossing the border from USA to Canada was a watershed in that I had been given to believe I wasn’t legally allowed to go into Canada. Funny how things can come into your mind that aren’t at all true! I wonder who put that thought there… Hmm.

So, I may have grown up a Canadian had things been different. Would I have been so impressed by the countryside and scenic beauty of the land had I lived their always? Do I remember to look at the South Downs where we live and appreciate what is around me?

A reminder to me : Embrace all you see Sharman and let it into your soul and spirit so your body may vibrate with the wonder of it all.

A place of serenity, cleansing and escape.

A place of serenity and escape.

A South Coast Beach ( taken by Steve Jenkins): we all need a place to go to ‘be’, to think, to explore our inner world. Living near one of these beaches 15 years ago, the beach was that place for me and for our children. They still come down here from wherever they are living now and recall those times of hanging with friends, chilling, crying, escaping from being ‘grounded’.

All my senses loved the place: the salty smell, the sounds of lapping waves and seagulls calling on a calm day or the crashing of rollers at high tide on a stormy night, could all match my mood and draw me inside myself.

Such a vivid place could also draw out the emotions I didn’t realise were lurking beneath my surface and, as the seaweed and rubbish werer left visible after the storms and tides, so were my deep hurts, confusions and pains.

The cleansing and visibility of what needed to be revealed, no longer stored up clogging my emotions and thinking, would leave a peace, freshness and joy.

It is probably time for me to take a trip there again or to find another such place…

Maybe it is ALWAYS time?


Yesterday you said tomorrowI was shocked – I really had forgotten all about what my psychiatrist had set me to do! I thought I was doing so well but had moved my focus onto working with my therapist.

Visual processing means that if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

But equally, if it is IN sight (and there is a great deal in sight as on my admin desk at the current time) then it is ALL in my mind and it is overwhelming.

Feeling that the pile of papers I see is a mountain that cannot be climbed, I shuffle round it’s edges, tidying the mountain a little, but not actually making an attempt at ascending it.

Knowing that I am pretty good at many things can be forgotten when the shock of knowing I have forgotten something important comes flooding over me. Horror paralyses me: I have failed to do something I had agreed to do…

I have long since learned to tell the nasty gremlin voices to shut up. I know I am not a useless worthless person.

I have put something away that needed to be left in sight.

I have left out things that needed to be put out of sight.

ISTMIM: In Sight Too Much In Mind.

Wisdom – which is which?